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Online Hebrew School! Four Programs. One School. All online.

Hebrew School Online

Online Hebrew school with Hebrew School online offers a virtual education experience, with live classes and interactive learning. Each of our online classrooms feature live streaming, video and voice technology, and a digital whiteboard, capable of full multimedia presentation, as well as traditional whiteboard use. During class, students can see and fully interact with their instructor, fellow classmates and whiteboard. More than just imparting knowledge, the classroom provides students with the tools to become confident, successful learners.

Choose one of our 4 courses

Bar Mitzvah lessons Online

Bar Mitzvah

Using the latest conferencing technology your son can have his Bar Mitzvah lessons Online - LIVE with his own private teacher!



Bat Mitzvah lessons Online

Bat Mitzvah

Designed by women, the Bat Mitzvah course offers lessons which provide strategic learning tools and improves your childs knowledge of the Torah



Online Hebrew School

Hebrew School

Hebrew School Online is a perfect program to provide your child with an all inclusive Jewish education, wherever you are located



Aleph Champ

The perfect option for children who want to learn how to read Hebrew within a short period of time modeled after the Karate Martial Arts system




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