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Bar Mitzvah Lessons Online

Bar Mitzvah lessons Online

Why Choose us?

Bar Mitzvah Lessons Online - a new modern way to prepare for a Bar Mitzvah from the comfort of your home.  

Remember the good old days when you had to drive 45 minutes, each way, once a week, to take your son to his Bar Mitzvah lessons, not to mention how very expensive the lessons were?

Well, it’s a new world, and Hebrew School Online is here to the rescue. Now your son can have his Bar Mitzvah lessons online from home. The lessons are given LIVE and are fun, interactive and exciting, and of course highly affordable.

At the end of each Bar Mitzvah class your son will get a recording to listen to in preparation for the next class . It’s simple and fun!

Learn With The Experts

The Torah reading techniques we use, give our students the appropriate “keys” to read the Torah even after their Bar Mitzvah. The Bar Mitzvah Preparation Course doesn’t only teach the students how to sing their Torah portion accurately, but to be able to recognise the Torah Taamim (notes) and to understand how to implement them and read any section in the Torah forever.

 We also connect you with a local synagogue where you can hold the Bar Mitzvah celebration for all your family and friends. We offer a complete package that you, and most importantly your Bar Mitzvah boy will love.

Tuition from $60 per lesson
(contact us for different pricing options and payment plans).

This is a one on one lesson.

Listen to a Demo - Torah Reading

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Listen to a Demo - Torah Reading

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