Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah Lessons Online

Bat Mitzvah lessons Online

Bat Mitzvah Lessons Online

Bat Mitzvah Discovery Course

The Bat Mitzvah lessons Online ("Discovery Course") course is committed to imbuing your daughter with an enthusiasm for her Jewish heritage, providing strategic learning tools, and enriching her knowledge of Torah and tradition. Our program is unique as it offers a flexible syllabus and structure, facilitating busy schedules and meeting specific curriculum needs.

Curriculum Outline

In this 15-part online course, your daughter will learn about the exciting and memorable event of becoming a Bat Mitzvah.

 We'll learn about Jewish heroines from our Nation’s recent and ancient past, as we discover the power and importance of Jewish Womanhood. We will also learn the fundamental concepts of Bat Mitzvah and what it entails, the special Mitzvot that were entrusted to Women, in addition to other important Jewish ideas.

 The girls spend about 15 minutes on scrapbooking in each session and concludes the course with a beautiful scrapbook containing photos of them at each lesson and their worksheets.

Bat Mitzvah Speech Prep

A girl celebrates her becoming Bat Mitzvah by sharing a Dvar Torah (lit,words of Torah), with her family and friends. The speech is written in English on any topic the Bat Mitzvah girl chooses, as she discusses a lesson or message from the Torah on her topic.

The Bat Mitzvah girl will have private sessions where she will be guided through the process of choosing and researching her topic, as well as writing it.

A special focus is placed on allowing the Bat Mitzvah girl to develop her speech around a topic she identifies with.

An orientation session will be scheduled with both mother/ father and daughter present to plan out the speech.

The sessions will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, beginning about 8-12 months before the Bat Mitzvah

Tuition from $240 per month.
(contact us for different pricing options and payment plans).

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